We would like to quickly explain a few of our website's functions.

Navigation is divided in Four Section. 'Company', 'Collection', 'Associates', 'Contact'. Each section has its own Graphics. Each section is then subcategorised in its respective domain.

When you open a section, the name of the section will appear on the left bar. This way you always know what section you are in. The subsection into which u are currently present is shown at the background. You can move to the other section by just using the link on the header of the webpage.

Company section is divided into three parts, 'The Company', 'Buyers', 'Technology'. describing about the Company's Infrastructure, Production, Sales, Packaging, Machines used and buyers buying those products. Full view of images of the machines used and the working environment of the factory is given in this section.

Detailed information of our collections is available in this section. You can see the full view of the
sweaters by clicking on their thumnails. Name, Fabric Composition, Style, Color range, Sizes available, Season and regular Buyer for each design is detailed in this part of Top three designs of the season are also displayed.

Information about our esteemed buyers around the world is in this section.

Help on moving around the site, and the contaction information for the company along with the information of the WebSite developing company for the site.The visitor can contact the authorities in case of clarification or more information by accessing the categories email, feedback indicated as separate categories on the header.

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